In the beginning

Here are a couple of my earliest LOs.  And a little bit of history to my “addiction”.

I have always loved taking pictures and having photos, especially old ones that have saved a moment in time usually long before I was around. 

My husband also loves photography and videography.  He is the one who introduced me to Adobe Photoshop.

So my first dip in the digi-scrappin’ pool was nothing more than adding some text to a photo that I loved and wanted to share with someone.  Or I might have used it on a greeting card, to jazz up an email or make a simple, creative gift.

Then in a GOOGLE search one day I came across a digital scrapbooking message board/website and my love of this creative medium began.  I have also found lots of helpful info @ TutCity, where they have lots of Adobe PS tutorials.

I continued to experiment and taught myself, with some ocassional guidance from my personal Adobe GURU (aka Mike or hey honey) and learned more about layers, shadows, rasterizing, etc.

Now I do a bit more and have improved my skills.  I have pretty much given up watching TV so I have more time to scrap.  Searching for a life balance!  LOL  For those of you who scrap you know all about my addiction!!!  And you won’t hold it against me!!   ♥ ♥ ♥  

(The photos below are clickable and will give you detail on where I was with my talent, or lack of. 😉  )


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